Why I started ‘Music-Mindset’

Why I created Music-Mindset.com.

Being a musician is great. Creating that beautiful melody that is floating around in your head, and finally forming a super song out of it. Sharing that in video form on YouTube is even better.
The whole process of mastering your instrument, finding your tone, recording it the best way possible, it all is just a awesome process.
The last step will be to share it with other people. Some of us want to share music on YouTube because it is fun, but a lot of musicians want to share their music with the world and grow a large fanbase.

That is where my journey began.

Although I had been producing music as a kid, the “serious” part started in the early 90s. It was way before the -Music-Mindset- time and way before YouTube even existed.
When I had a few songs burned to cd (it was a big deal at the time, and there was no Soundcloud 🙂 I wanted to start with promoting my album.
I went to the local cd store and asked if they would put my cd in the store somewhere. Because it was an independent store, I knew they would sometimes promote local musicians.
Not my cd though…
The guy was very nice when he refused my cd, and hinted that I would need to write something more professional.
I went back home and felt a bit disappointed. But not because the store owner refused my cd. That was kind of obvious.
But I felt it when I started to search for other possibilities to get my music out there. The more I found, the more it felt like being lost in the woods.
Then, the internet took off. Oh was, the possibilities improved drastically, but I also got my first chance to put my music up for display. For the whole world to see!!
My journey became more intriguing with every new opportunity I found online. Most them were free, and they gave musicians so many possibilities that it was just crazy not to use any of them.

That is when I started to promote my music online.

I tested out a lot of tips and tricks that I found online, and while doing so, I noticed an odd thing. Instead of creating more music, I found myself digging around on the internet, trying to find the next best information about music promotion.
On top of that, I loved to share my findings with other musicians. To me, it was more captivating than producing/promoting my music.
One of the most excellent tips that pushed me into music promotion was the line “Music can change lives.”
I do not know where I had read it, but it just hit me. If the internet gave free opportunities to share your music, you could change lives on the other side of the globe with only one click of a mouse.
Now, changing a life might seem a bit drastic, but when you think about it, it is almost always the case. When people listen to your music, the chances are their mood will change. Sometimes just a little bit, but don’t underestimate the power of an excellent song to start the day.
Do you listen to music while you study? Or drive your car? Or need a power boost before a speech or exam?

That is where your song might be helpful.

If you have found the right way to share your music online, you can reach the right people that are waiting for your next song.
If you have found people that connect with your music and with you, you have found your superfans. That is an awesome thing to achieve, and something more valuable than anything else.
It is a lengthy process of sharing your work online, and connecting with the right people. Whether you connect with fellow musicians or new fans, it all adds up in the end.
However, one of the things that makes this whole process complex is:
There are tons of musicians on YouTube, so where do you fit in?
You cannot deny there is a lot of music online. And I mean a LOT!
Just go on Google, type in any music style, and be amazed.
So, where does your need to be?

Is there still “room” online for your music?

Yes, yes, there is.
But it will be difficult to find that room. You will need to do a lot more than making music and putting it on a streaming site.
That is why I created Music-Mindset.com.
You need to find your audience, your voice, your place on YouTube, your best way to share your artwork.
It is a ton of work, and in most cases, you want to focus on your music more than on your actual promotion.
Let me help you take that weight off your shoulder, so you can focus on making awesome music.

Searching for the best ways to promote your music online.

Whether you are a musician, music teacher, music promoter, DJ, if you want to find ways to get your musical work on YouTube and build a large fan base, you are in the right place.
On Music-Mindset, I share YouTube growth tips for musicians to help you do just that.
You can find free ebooks and interviews to guide you in your YouTube growth journey.
So, what are you waiting for! Create your best musical work, and browse around to find the music promotion tips you need to share your music with the world!

Oh, and the name “Music-Mindset”? I strongly feel you need to have the right mindset to progress in music. It will move you forward and help you reach your goals.
But you can also find me on Mauricehissink.com 🙂

As always, Keep creating awesome music, and share it with the world!
Maurice Hissink, 2020

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