Stomp Boxes VS Multi-effects pedals – What do you prefer?

StompBox vs Multi-Effect

Pedaleira Boss GT 8

Whether you are a guitar player or a bass player, a great multi-effect can really color your sound.
What do you prefer? Are you still searching for the best collection of effects in the most convenient way for you?
They both have their pros and cons, so I will list them here to help you make a better choice between these two.
Heads up, there is not really a better or worst on this list, it is just a matter of preference.
That being said, let’s dive into it…

A matter of choice, but so many choices?

The first thing that could be a factor in choice. The choice between a multi-effect processor or a stompbox in the vastness of options you have with single pedals.
You can experiment with all the major pedals that are out there. How do they sound and do you really want/need them?
Do you need a chorus or phaser, a distortion or overdrive, a reverb or delay? With a guitar multi-effect it is easy, just dial in some patches and see how it sounds. Don’t like the delay? Switch that section to a reverb and your good to go.
A multi-effect pedal comes in various qualities.

Easy choice 🙂

Today, a decent guitar multi-effect will give you very good results. They present you with a good overview of all the possible guitar sounds that are available.
Some even have an extra fx loop. It gives you the option to add your own stompboxes to the mix and create an even broader array of sounds.
Another advantage of a multi-effect guitar pedal is a practice device “on the go”. Most of them have the opportunity to be used with a headphone and have some cab emulators build in. Those boards are just awesome to try out new sounds and practice without annoying your neighbors.
Another great feature is the fact that you can store patches. Ever spend a full week searching for that awesome sound? Now you can save it as a patch and enjoy it with just one click of a button.

Single pedal/pedalboard.

Robert Keeley pedal display   2014 NAMM Show

With a pedal board, the sky’s the limit. sort of, as too many pedals will muddle the sound.
But there are tricks to go around this, so don’t worry about that.
Another thing to consider when choosing a pedalboard is the amount of space it will need on the floor. This is not a problem, but something to realize if you want to play at gigs. Some guitar players have an extra mini version of their pedalboard and they only fit the pedals that they want to use for that gig.
The last minus that I can think of is the cost of the board. You will have to buy each pedal separately, need to buy cables and proper power supply, build a board (which is super cheap if you want a basic one:)

The awesomeness of single pedals

Man, this is the great part. Everything is modular. It gives you the freedom to put any stomp box in front or after the other. You will have the opportunity to mod the box to your liking. Or, play around with different combinations and settings. And if you don’t like an effect, switch it out for a new one. Some of them are really cheap, so sometimes a single pedal can be under a hundred dollars and make a great addition to your existing board.
Another great feature is the vibe a stompbox board has. Maybe it is just a personal thing, having those separate pedals on the floor gives a whole different connection with the effect. It is a different experience than just having a multi-effect where you do not see any difference on the screen (most of the time).

Best of both worlds

As I said, some multi-effect boards have an option to add your pedal to it.
And, with all boards, you can add some pedals in front or after the board just before it hits the amp.
Quick guide, distortion type, tuner, compressor and Wahwah in front of multi-board, chorus delay reverb and all weirdness after the multi-effect. Again, a guideline, try out what you like best.

In the end, it depends on what you want.

A multi-effect is super great and modern ones have a great array of effects, great quality, and super prices. But with only so much effects and sometimes the limitation of the order of effects. A pedalboard is a great DIY like “tool” to enhance your guitar sound and gives the opportunity to fiddle around with all sounds without any limit, but a slightly higher cost, depending on your needs. You can also check on Amazon to see the Top Selling Effect pedals today:

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Top Amazon Effect Pedals

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The only thing left is a great jam session with the latest effects. What are you waiting for! Go to your local music store or check Amazon, and find some awesome effects and see what suits you!

As always, keep creating awesome music and have fun!

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