Improve your YouTube Strategy! – Social Media Statistics for Musicians

To create an awesome YouTube strategy, you might want to dive into the YouTube statistics of your audience.
That way you can uncover all the secrets about your YouTube fans.
Well…maybe not the dirty secrets, but with YouTube Analytics you will get some more insights in their activities if you use these tools.
Here is a small introduction to YouTube analytics and how you can use it to grow your YouTube Music Channel.

What do I need to know about YouTube Analytics?

The main reason why you want to know all these things is to improve your YouTube pages and optimize your YouTube strategy.
Simply put, if you know your audience, you know what to post to stay connected with them.

That is why you need useful information from your fans. That can be found in the YouTube analytics.
You will find all the details you need to update your strategy. Demographics, search phrases, best performing videos, all that good stuff!
It will also depend on your style of music.
If you are a local band and you want to stay that way, you will need some geographical information from your fans.
That way you won’t send free tickets across the world if your next gig is in a local pub that houses 75 people max.

What YouTube stats are most useful?

While it might be tempting to check how many subscribers and views you have on your videos, these are not the most important in the end.
The stats that will help you grow your channel are the following:

You want to know where your viewers come from. Did they use a search phrase or did they found your videos in one of the suggested videos.
YouTube Search
If they found you trough search, what did they search for to end up on your video.
These results can help you to determine what type of videos you should create more of.

What other tools do I need?

With tools like Tubebuddy or Morningfame, you can optimize your next video for search intent and suggested videos.
These tools help you to create better titles, tags and thumbnails and even show you what thumbnails could perform better.
By consistently using these tools you will increase the chance of your videos to become the next suggested video or the next top listing for a search term that makes the most sense on your channel.

My suggestion is to start with the free version of Tube buddy, and if you find it useful, combine it with morningfame.

Both apps give me great results on my own YouTube channels

Where to go from here?

With all the information that you have right now, you can change some things in your YouTube strategy.
Now that you know the search terms, you can create more videos around that topic.
Now you know what videos suggest your video, create similar videos and increase the views on your YouTube Channel.

Take it one step at a time, but stay consistent.
Be consistent in creating new videos every week, and you will see results.

More details about YouTube stats coming up!

Don’t give up, keep creating awesome music and share it with the world!
By using YouTube!

Maurice Hissink

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