Online Music Promotion Tools

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Music Streaming Services/Online Stores
BandcampA great free online music store, where you can upload your music and sell it by song or album. It also allows your fans to connect with you and receive updates.RoutenoteThe nr1. Music distributor that allows you to share your music on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play, Amazon, etc., for FREE!

YouTube Tools
TubeBuddyThe Nr.1 Tool to analyze and optimize your YouTube videos to grow your audience faster.MorningFameRun every video you create, trough the MorningFame Program and see how it could perform. MorningFame will help you find the best keywords, tags and titles to maximize results. Get 1 month FREE to test your results if you sign up now!VidIQAnother great tool to help you optimize your YouTube videos to grow your audience.

SitegroundThe Nr.1 Webhost for Wordpress-based websites. Fast, 99% uptime, personal email and many more features.SquareSpaceSearching for an even cheaper, no-nonsense alternative to Siteground? Need a simple but powerful Portfolio Website for your Band or Artist profile? Sign up for SquareSpace and test out if it suits you by testing it 14 days free!!BandzoogleProbably the best website hosting for musicians, with music related tools included.Sell your merch, tickets and even set up a membership site for your fans!

YouTube Gear
Camera - Canon 600DMy trusty Canon 600D is a true workhorse. It can handle most Canon lenses and works perfectly with Canon Remote Tools on every pc. With it's flip-out screen it makes for the perfect entry level Vlog DSLRMicrophone - Rode NTG-1Not the cheapest on the list, but often found for a low price on e-bay.My personal choice for both voice and clear acoustic guitar recordings. A transparent and balanced sound for multiple purposes.Soundcard - Focusrite Scarlett 2i2They created version 3 already. Need I say more? The Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 is a beast. Ease of use and crystal clear sound. This version supports only 2 inputs (XLR and TRS) but I used a mixer anyway.It also has phantom power, so it can handle a variety of microphones and instruments. It works pretty much plug and play on every platform. A must-have for every home-studio/beginner musician.

Email Marketing
ConvertkitThe ease of use and intuitive design of Convertkit makes it the go-to software for beginners and experts. Not the cheapest on the list, but definitely the one that adds the most functionality to an email program.Sign up for free to test it out yourself and go from there!MailchimpMailchimp is an E-Mail platform which gives you the option of adding up to 2000 subscribers for free! This makes it a great platform to start building an email list if money is an option and if you just want to test waters with email marketing.

SEO Tools
SE RankingMy Go-to platform for detailed SEO research. Monitor your website, YouTube Channel and more.You can see your search rankings to check if you are on the right track.With On Page checks, back-link research and keyword tracking, you have all the tools to run a successful website and be found by many online!UberSuggestA great free tool to do a quick SEO check.With SEO stats, keywords, back-links and more, it is a useful tool to quickly check your own website or a competitor to see some basic stats.SEO PowersuiteA free professional software kit to check your back-links, SEO stats, competitor list and more. For Mac, Windows and Linux.A good addition to your online SEO software, but with many more features.The free version does not allow you to save any projects.

Music Collab
BandLabA great tool to create music projects and create a worldwide band!

Membership Sites
PatreonWell-know by artist and musicians to create membership only content.