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How to Record Your First Song

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You found your voice, and you want to record your first song.
You also quickly notice that the phone is not working for that impressive first sound recording.
You don’t want to spend too much money on a professional studio mic, but you want something that is at least half decent.
The two most used options are a USB mic or an external mic (we will discuss the mobile recording option last, as there is a small thing that you can do to make it a bit better).

The USB way

record your first song

This is probably the easiest of all options because the only thing you need is that USB mic. Plug it in, install the software and you ready to record your music.
The price ranges vary, but you can start from 50 bucks towards, well anything you want.
One of the mics which are pretty affordable is the Blue Yeti USB Microphone.


You can also choose an external mic dynamic or condenser.
Whichever you choose, you might need some extra equipment for this.
An external mic will have a 3,5-inch jack or, even better, an XLR plug. That won’t fit in your computer. And no, don’t buy an adaptor to make it fit into the mic input of your computer. It will sound bad.
A “mic in” is simply to record your voice talking, not singing.
For a group chat, use the mic input, for singing use, use something better and get an external device.
A great “all in one” package is the Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio. It comes with an external audio device, microphone, headphone, and software and will only set you back around 180 dollars.
This is one of the better options to get started if you want to have higher quality audio.
The cool thing with the Scarlet Solo is that you can also use it with other instruments. You can plug your guitar or keyboard right into the Focusrite and add it to your mix.

Extra stuff

A pop filter
To get rid of the s,f,t,p,b sounds that you don’t want in your recording.
You can make one yourself with a thin cloth or a used sock/panty to see if that does the job.

record your first song

A mic stand You don’t want to hold your mic when recording that awesome song. Chances are that you could hear your hands touching the mic, and you don’t want that to be part of your demo 🙂
You could go with a simple stand where your mic clicks in place,
but an even better option is to add a shock mount to reduce the noise of wiggles and movement of the mic stand.
Decent headphones
You want to hear what you sing. The best option would be a closed headphone, as it will help you cancel out all the surrounding sounds. Remember to try to remove one side of the headphone when you record, to hear yourself better. This can improve your tone and pitch.

Back to the phone

If all else fails, use your phone. (but Maurice, you said that….Yes I know, but stay with me)
With a free app like recorder for android, you can record in very high quality and share it the easy way. But you might need a better mic than the internal.
Ever tried the mic you have on your headphones? Place it in a stand or just hang it somewhere and sing in front of it, about 20 cm away from the mic in a quiet environment.
You might be surprised how good it will sound.
If you want to upgrade your mic quality, you could try the Rode VideoMic and see if you like it. I haven’t tried it myself, but the reviews are excellent.

With this gear and these tips, you can start recording in no time. If you have some basic multitrack recording software, you can even create your choir. Experiment and see what you can come up with.

And as always, Keep creating awesome music and share it with the world.

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