How to Promote your Music using Streaming Sites

Tons of options to market your music online.

promote music on streaming sites

One of the easiest ways to promote your music on streaming sites are the free ones.
There are many options around, like Spotify(Not free), Soundcloud, and Youtube, so it is up to you which one works for you the best.
If you have the opportunity, you should use as many as possible.
The benefit is that you can do this as an independent artist, and a lot of them are for free.
What better way to upload your music and share it with the world, right?

Benefits of streaming your music.

You can put your music on your website as a downloadable file.
(you already have a website, do you? If not, read this article why you are missing out if you don’t have a website)

Promoting your music on streaming sites has a couple of benefits.

Besides being free (most of them), they will give you a great opportunity to share your music.
You can do this by simply sharing a link to your latest work.
One other very valuable feature is that you can get direct feedback on your music.
This will help you stay on track and see how your work performs.

Which ones to choose from?

Like I said before, there are many sites that you can choose from.
If possible, you should pick more than one.
To start, I would stick with 2 or 3 sites if you want to do it all by yourself.
Having too many social media sites can be a problem to maintain.
Soundcloud and Youtube are a good combo and easy to share on any website or social media site.
Also, choose enough social media sites to share on.

A small List

promote music on streaming sites

By doing it that way you will spread your content to a wider variety of people.
To help you choose, here are the top performing sites that you can promote your music on:

Awesome! Now how do I get my music on those platforms?

This depends on the platform itself, but Soundcloud and Youtube are free and easy to use.
You can upload your songs and/or album in a flash and start sharing.
Remember to put some nice artwork along with it!
However, services like Spotify and iTunes are not free to distribute your music on.
A good way to get your music on all the major platforms is by using an online distribution service.
They will help you by adding your music to those paid services like Spotify and it will only cost you a small amount of money.

Just to name a few…

There are a couple of them around, like Tunecore, CdBaby, and RouteNote.
If you have a certain budget, it is totally up to you where you want to start and which of the above services you want to sign up to.
They all have their pro’s and cons. In the end, they are all high-quality services, so there is not really a “better” or “worst” option.
Just visit their websites and see which one appeals to you the most. Remember that they do not promote your music on streaming services. They just add your music to the streaming services they are connected with.

Aaaand what if you don’t have a budget, to begin with?

But it is possible that you want to start out and see how the online music process works.
In that case, you might want to start with a free option that only Routenote will give you.
If you sign up, you can start adding your music to their service and it will cost you nothing.
This is possible because they will take a small portion of your revenue in the beginning.
If you notice that your music is doing really well, you can pay a small fee and in return get all the revenue you earn for every song and album.
The other awesome thing is that they will help you get your music on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and more, and they can monetize your music on SoundCloud and youtube. All…For…Free!!
Isn’t that great?

If you want to sign up to RouteNote and start adding your music on all the major music platforms, you can do so by clicking the image below and create an account. It is easy as 123.

So how do I promote my music on streaming sites?

After you have uploaded your music to any of the services mentioned before, it is time to start sharing your work.
If you do this the right way, you will start to see interactions happening with your music, like plays, shares, likes, and comments.
Now, this will not happen overnight (normally) so you have to put some effort into it yourself.
By choosing the right social media platforms to start out, you will find that it works best to start creating an awesome post where you share your music.
You can start with the ones that you are currently most familiar with.
If you balance that with other relevant posts that will attract your ideal audience, it will work wonders.
(Do you know your ideal audience already?)
If you have a social media plan worked out, it will really help you on your promotion journey.
You will stay on track and adjust the plan if needed to get maximum results.

Why do I need a social media plan to promote music on streaming sites?

If you create a certain plan where you map out your goals and your ideal audience, you will have a great start.
You will have the benefits of creating a larger audience AND sharing your music at the same time.
Remember, you need that audience that will love your music and is willing to listen, share and like it whenever they can.
It really helps to create a fictional character that represents your ideal audience.
Imagine that certain fan that just goes crazy about your new album and shares it all over the place.
If you focus on him/her when you are creating those social media posts, it can help to improve the quality of the overall post. It also helps to see if you reach your fictional character (avatar) in real life.
I have a detailed post here on about Creating Your Ideal Fan to Maximise your Music Sales.
Promoting your music on streaming sites contains more to it if you want to succeed.
But the above info should be enough to get you started marketing and promoting your music online. (You will find a lot of other posts here on where I talk about the optimal social media strategy to market your music)

Good luck, have fun and keep creating awesome music!

(Disclaimer: I like RouteNote a lot. It is the only service where I have a decent amount of experience with, so I will promote them here using a referral link. By using that link, you help me keep my website and services sustainable, without any cost on your end. You are totally free to choose any other service you want 😉

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