How to Promote Your Music Online – Podcast Episode 01

Knowing the basics of Music Promotion is a must as a musician.
You worked hard on your songs and your latest album, and now you want the world to know.
You created an awesome piece of music. But how do you find your ideal audience?
Where are all those raving fans?
There are some simple things that you can do to start your online journey in music and on YouTube.
Most of them are fairly easy to do. You just need that headstart. That is why I created this Music Promotion Podcast.

The basics of online music promotion

Some of the topics that I cover are just the basics of online music promotion.
I talk about using YouTube as your main streaming platform and how you can optimize it in a few steps.
I’ll will also discuss the importance of a website, the proper use of banners and profile images and why you need a goal in your music marketing strategy.
This podcast is an introduction to an upcoming series of music promotion podcasts where all the In’s and outs of online music promotion will be discussed.

The Music Promotion Podcast

In this podcast, I introduce you to the basics of music promotion online.
They are an extension of the FREE YouTube 10 E-Book that you can find below this post.
You will learn what you can expect from the Music-Mindset podcast and how it will help you to grow your music business and gain more fans. Also, I will guide you through the process of becoming known as a musician online.
If you combine all these steps, you will find your ideal audience, gather those raving fans and become a successful musician.
In the end, you want people to listen to your music, right?

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