Online Music Promotions Podcast

By using YouTube to get more views and subscribers to your music, you can easily market your music for free.
With the right strategies you will find your super fans and connect with them online or even offline!
In the Music-Mindset podcast, I share the latest tips and tricks on getting more YouTube views, subscribers, best YouTube tactics, hacks, and more online music promotion related topics.
Enjoy!In this first episode (when I still used the name AniMouseMusic) I talk about the basics of online music promotion and how to get started.Follow my podcast for more updates about Online Music Promotion using YouTube and learn how to get more subscribers, views and fans!

Episode 01
Introduction to the Music-Mindset Podcast.
Why I started AniMouseMusic (back then) and the top content of the podcast.
Episode 02
Why a YouTube Music channel is important, and what should you post to get more subscribers?