Do people listen to my music? Am I getting popular as a musician?

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All work, no fun…

Doing all the work of creating an awesome piece of music does not automatically mean that you are successful. You know that already. I am sure you do.
So, what should you do to become more successful and get more listeners for your awesome songs? Do you need to start promoting more and become a music business? Your music is a piece of art, not a product.

A Popular Musician does this…

If you see your music more like a great product, you will also see more opportunities to market your music.
A painter and a photographer are artists too, and they need to market their products the same way a musician does.
By finding the right audience, that shares the same creative mind and enjoys the same artistic style.

How to become a popular musician?

Read below and see if you need to change the way you promote your music.

Music branding lessons for new artists. Whether we’re driving, checking email or just surfing the web, it can feel like the whole world is trying to sell us something. Digital marketing experts estimate we see 4,000-10,000 ads per day, so naturally, we can’t remember all of them. If […]

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