How to add a Manager to your Mailchimp Account

To start with email marketing for your music/artist project, you need a good email provider that allows you to send email and newsletters to multiple accounts, create landingpages and signup forms, and stay in contact with your best fans/clients.
For that, I advice to start with a Mailchimp account.
A free one is more than enough, but depending on your needs, feel free to choose a pricing plan that suits your needs.A fee plan gives you the ability to store 2000 subscribers in your account!
Here is how you set up your basic Mailchimp account.

Step 1.Go to and click the Sign Up Free button on the top right
Enter the email that you want to use in your newsletters, and that is connected to your business.
(You can use a Gmail or Yahoo account, but a business email is preferred)
Then, enter your Username.
This is your account name, and it can be changed later.
For the last step, choose a password for your account
Then click Get Started
Check your email (the one you used :-) and click the verification link in the mail you just got from Mailchimp.Then, you can select your plan.
For now, you can go with the free plan.
Now, add your personal information
Enter your name, business details and a website (if you have one).
Enter your address line (this is important, but read more about that here).
If you already have some email subscribers in a list, you can add them here.
For a new setup, you can skip this.
You can connect your social media here if you want, but you can also skip that.
In the last step, choose if you want to be subscribed to their store.
Now, you can start to set up your first email.
But, to make it easier, we just finish the full profile setup.
Go to your account (click on your name on the top right) and choose your profile settings.
Double check if everything is set up the way you want it.
Optional, you can change your profile image and add more details.
Click save at the bottom to save your profile, and you are pretty much done!
If you have a custom domain, you have to verify that in the Domains section of your settings.
You now have a basic Mailchimp account and can start to create a sign-up form, landing page, email templates and sign-up form.
Connecting a user/manager to your account.
If you want to add a user to your account, go to your profile icon and choose account.
-In the settings drop-down menu choose Users
-Click Invite UserEnter the email address of the person you want to grant access to, and choose their user type.
In most cases, you do not need to go "higher" than Manager.
-Then, click on Sent Invite.
Your new manager/user will then get an email with your request.
Once they have accepted your request, you will see them in the list of users.
You can now both begin to work from within your account.

Note: At any time, you can remove the manager account if it is no longer needed.
Also, you remain full owner of the content. Nothing will be added or removed without your permission.