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Be amazed by the multi-talented Viviana Dragani. Singing, dancing, and cabaret are just a couple of the many talents she will share with us…

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Sit back and enjoy this great journey in music:

Interview Viviana Dragani

How would you introduce yourself?

I am an eclectic artist. I have a versatile voice with a multi-octave extension. I can easily interpret mezzo-soprano arias, dark Jazz Standards or pop/neo-melodic Neapolitan songs. I get easily emotional during my concerts as I really connect to the lyrics of the song. I strive to transmit strong emotions to my audience.

What made you start in making music?

I began singing in the church choir where I realized my vocal qualities. Then I started to work as a dancer and vocalist in Italian Musical productions. What made me start in making music is passion and the urgency to express myself.

Interview Viviana Dragani

How did you find your musical style?

I found my musical style by listening to the masters of Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and the Italian singer Mina. I am on a constant path to discovering new musical styles. Next, I will soon experiment pop/R&B style by joining the Berklee College of Music in Boston for a summer intensive course.

What are all the projects you are working on?

I am working on a new project to introduce Italian Music to New England. I was very disappointed when I only heard American songs playing in Italian Restaurants and that is how my Italian project with the pianist Bobby Gadoury started.

What are some great achievements that you had in music or performance the last years?

I am a lifelong dancer and vocalist who explored many different styles: from the Swing vocal trio The Blue Dolls where I was the first Soprano to the Italian pop easy listening on my album “Il ricordo di te” to the Tango Cantado songs in my “Almatango”. You can listen and download them on Spotify, Cd Baby, Amazon, Apple Music. (Check the links below)

What do you think is most important in being a successful artist/musician?

A well-cultivated talent and of course consistency. Luck and support have a big role as well as commitment and dedication.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

A typical day in my life starts with a green tea and healthy breakfast. As your instrument, the vocal chords and the respiratory muscles, are a part of your body it is necessary to keep your body healthy. I exercise to the gym at least 3 times a week to keep my abs strong enough to support a correct breathing technique. A light vocal warm-up follows breakfast every day. Then I start my day as a freelancer. I translate songs from English and Spanish into Italian and I record them for Youtube channels, I interpret promotional jingles and voiceovers. You can find me on Fiverr platform. Just search by my full name. During the weekends I usually perform live music and three times a week I work to the WNTN 1550 AM as a Radio Host.

Interview Viviana Dragani

Where can people find you, and why should they connect to you?

People can listen to my Radio show Itali-echo from Monday through Thursday from 4 to 5 pm on WNTN 1550 AM (Global Echoes) or in streaming on I host a program in the Italian language and I talk about events revolving around the Italian community in New England. Furthermore, you can listen to my favorite great Italian music, classic and modern. They can also follow Viviana Dragani fan page on Facebook and Instagram.

Check out Viviana’s work here:

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