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In this interview with a YouTube musician, you will hear more about Terry Oldfield.
A great and interesting story about finding inspiration and passion for music.
A true artist and musician, in full contact with his creative work.

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How would you introduce yourself?

Interview with Terry Oldfield/Soraya -

Hi there, I’m Terry Oldfield.

What made you start in making music?

I first started playing the flute on the Island of Hydra when I was 19.
I used to go up into the forest and sit for hours just exploring the notes and finding my way around the instrument whilst listening to the wind in the pines and the birdsong and silence in between.
I had some Greek friends there who took me to the remains of some of the old temples and theatres that stand there serenely in the ancient landscape.
I played my flute there amongst the rocks and trees feeling the energy of the places and expressing my feelings through the magical transformation of breath into music.
I had been sad and withdrawn through my teenage years and had set off traveling in order to find some sort of meaning in my life and it was through the flute and my connection with the energies of this ancient Greek world that my own energies began to flow again.

How did you find your musical style?

Writing and playing music is a wonderful tool for me. It brings the whole maelstrom of thinking to a halt.
I’m sure any artist would say the same, that the creative process is so rewarding in this way – that it reconnects or puts the creator in touch with himself, with that inexhaustible flow of energy and power that is always there, but only in this present moment, which is eternity unfolding.
To that extent being creative, writing music for me, is simply making myself available to that which is, and then it all happens by itself or through me.
That’s why the question that always comes up is “How do you write music?” and it is impossible to answer because I simply don’t know.
It can only happen when I (thought) am no longer there to get in the way.

What is your latest music project?

I have 2 new albums coming out in the next 2 months, followed by a shorter than usual European tour.
The first one, “On Fire”, is a collection of 6 songs that came through as a great surprise to me over a period of 6 Months last year.
Totally outside my usual genre, they insisted on being heard in a more upbeat and modern way.
The lyrics speak of my own personal journey into the Fires of Creation. The point at which life and death appear in this eternal moment as the one thing going on.
It is my heartfelt wish that these songs may reach out to those who are ready to hear the call to awaken.
To enter into the fire wherein lies the recognition of our true nature. The second one also came through very easily and quickly earlier this year.
It is more of a flute based album and much more in my usual genre which used to be termed “New Age’ but now I call it World music as it has a flavor of different cultures.
This one contains the essence of India which is one of my great loves.

How important are connections in music and how do you find them?

To be honest, these days I have very little idea of what to do about finding a connection in the music world. Of course there are all the obvious things like social media but one thing I am pretty clear about is that the music world is going through a massive tech-based transformation and it is virtually impossible to point musicians who are new on the scene in any clear direction as to what to do to get their music out there.
Personally, I am in the process of going independent. No record companies, publishers, etc, because it is possible to do all that myself in a digital-based world.
Personally, I use Distrokid to get my music into all the digital stores.
For CD’s and merchandise, I use my own website shop and Bandcamp.
It is also essential to get out there and play live if that is something you see possible.

What do you think is most important in being a successful musician?

Being ruthlessly authentic and refusing to compromise. It is so tempting to copy others in this “Cut and Paste” world where making music has become more like putting together jigsaw puzzles with loops.
To be able to play a real instrument is the first step. Then use that instrument to express your feelings.
People will relate to that and if you’re lucky you will create your audience naturally, effortlessly.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

Interview with Terry Oldfield -

I like to follow the birds and sleep when they do.
Morning always starts with a cup of tea in the garden, somewhere I can see a bit of nature.
Even when traveling I take some quiet time upon waking as this sets the mood for the day.
I also do some yoga to keep the body flexible and healthy.

Where can people find you, and how should they connect with you?

Authentic and original music:
Terry Oldfield on Facebook
Terry and Soraya Business Page
Bandcamp Page
India Retreat
Terry on Spotify

Thank you so much for this interview Terry, and keep making great music!

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