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How to Start a Band – The Easy Way

how to start a band

Ready? (drumsticks clicking) 1,2,3..

You finally have that awesome instrument that you wanted, and now you are ready to make music with it.
But wait, making music with others is even more awesome!
So, why not start a band?
If you haven’t already, you should form a group of like-minded musicians.
To do so, you could follow these simple but awesome steps.

how to start a band

Type of music

Although you can find out what style of music you want to play AFTER you have found a group of people to start a band, it might help to do so before. You can save yourself (and the accordion player) a lot of headaches if you figure out you want to play hardcore metal.
Or, make it work and incorporate that awesome instrument in your band and share me the link! I would love to interview you and see how it worked out for you.
And, not only do you want to find out WHAT music you want to play, also if you want to play covers, or start creating your own songs.
Who is going to write? Who determines the choice of songs?
Lucky for you the internet is filled with cover song lyrics and chords, or tips and tricks on how to start writing your own songs.
Bottom line, make sure that you discuss this at the beginning and make sure that the full band is ok with that.

how to start a band

The best place to start a band…

You need a location where you can amp up to 11!!
Well, maybe not that loud, but you need a decent practice room to start a band.
Depending on what you have already, you might need some extra equipment.
Basically, you will always need your instruments unless you are a drummer. Then, you can be lucky and have a (half, without cymbals) drum kit in the room already. Yay! Don’t forget your drumsticks, please…

The Gear

As a guitar or bass player, chances are there is an amp in a basic studio already.
Some microphones could be present and even a (half) decent mixing desk.
Hopefully enough to create some usable demo tapes.
If you just play in an abandoned warehouse, you will need to bring everything for a decent band practice. Even electricity.
The cool part is, that you can also use the environment to create awesome pictures of the band and videos along with it.
Remember that you want to PRACTICE, not play at a gig. That means that you will not need to get everything in the studio. For example, a simple plug and play effect box could be enough to just get the rough idea on tape. So, you don’t have to bring your full 19inch rack and heavy pedalboard. And, if you don’t have it yet, don’t buy expensive stuff just for that studio or practice place.

What does it cost?

You can imagine that the more equipment the practice room has, the more you have to pay.
So try to balance with your current level of making music, and see what you want to do in the studio.
No need for a high-end SSL mixing desk when you just want to jam/try out some sounds or songs.
And, that abandoned factory will not give you enough resources to record your awesome demo. (or does it…)
The same goes for instruments. Depending on your budget, you can buy whatever you want. But because you are in a band, you want to keep things at a decent level.
Don’t upgrade one instrument to the max, and keep the drummer with worn out drum heads or self-made plywood sticks.
If you do gigs and you are making money from it, split it as equally as possible. If someone needs more money because they drive the van or pay the rent, be clear about it with your bandmates.

Where can you find bandmates?
how to start a band

You need awesome bandmates to start a band.
We already agreed that they should be on the same level/interest, but where are they now?
A good place to start searching is a local music school. There are lots of opportunities to find and because it is always a good thing to practice together, there is a high chance to find the right band members there.
You can also try to chat about it in places where musicians might be, like a local pub but also on your school. You could even try to find some band members online. Place a request on your facebook or twitter page and see if you find bandmates there. Maybe even try Drooble.com, where there are tons of musicians online. Anyone from your neighborhood?
Your local music shop could also be a great place to connect with musicians and see if they are interested in forming a band.

Now let’s do a world tour….but first…

Bottom line, you should find band members that have the same interests, and not only in music.
The stronger you are as a band/group, the more it will shine on stage. Have good discussions on what your goals are. Where do you see yourself in a few years? What do you want to do?
The more outlined you start, the more fun you will have while performing.

If you want to improve your guitar skills, you should check out these awesome online guitar teachers!

Now start creating awesome music and share it with the world
Good luck!

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