How to get more YouTube views on your Music Channel – 3 simple tips.

Getting more YouTube views on your music channel can be a big challenge.

If you search on Google and on YouTube, you will find a lot of blogs and videos that talk about this topic.
That is understandable, as getting views on your music videos is one of the most important things on your channel.
You want people to enjoy your music, and the more the better.
Note that this is also why we do not talk about YouTube view bots or buying free views or whatever.
These are strategies that are often sold online, and presented as “the cheapest way to get YouTube Views”.
These views however will not listen to your songs. They are just views from bots or people that are being paid to “watch” your videos. The quotes speak for themselves…

Then what does work to get real YouTube views?

Now that that is out of the way, let’s dive into a quick overview of simple strategies to getting more views on YouTube.
Aside from the basic Title, Thumbnail and Tag strategy, there are a few more things you can do right now.
The first thing that you might want to change is the type of content that you create right now.
What could you create to add more value to your channel?
Is the content you create now generating traffic, subscribers and views?
If so, keep doing what you are doing.
If you are happy with the results, you are good to go
But if you need more views, you might want to consider changing something on your channel.

Search for valuable content on YouTube

Go to the YouTube search bar and search for songs that you really like. Are they trending right now?
Try to find a balance between the your favorites and the ones that are trending.
So once you found a song that is trending but it is not your thing or style, just skip it.
But if you find something that you really like and it is trending right now, this can be your doorway content to get more subscribers.

You can also create videos that are totally different from the ones that are on you channel,
If you are creating play-troughs or cover-songs, you might want to try some how-to videos, or behind the scenes when you record a song.
You could explain to your viewers how you find video ideas, or how you come up with music ideas, or even how you record your guitar or vocals.
This is a great way to entertain the viewers and subscribers you already have and it also generates more options for new visitors to find your channel and your videos.

Do YouTube Gear Reviews

You can take this one step further. You can also attract new viewers by making software or gear reviews. Are there certain pieces of gear that you cannot do without and have a lot of experience with?
Make a video about it in a review style and share with your viewers why this gear is so awesome and why you like to use it.
Again, do a YouTube search to see if people are searching for the gear that you might already have in your studio or at home.
Find the video of that gear that is performing the best and see how they talked about it.
Can you create a similar video by adding additional information and in your unique style?
Well, that is your new video option right there. Make a couple of these review videos and see how they perform on your channel. If they are doing good and you like making them, you have found your new gateway to more subscribers.

How-To Videos on YouTube are hot!

People are probably searching for How-To- and other information-type videos that you could be making right now.
Think of topics like: How to record your vocals, How to connect a certain microphone or How to set up a basic Home Studio.
If you know anything or have anything to say about this , this is obviously a great topic you can create new videos on.
Because these are also videos that people are actively searching for, you will again attract more subscribers and more views.
See the same process that is used here?
YouTube search – Your options – New Video content.

What will be your next YouTube video?

Go to YouTube search and search for something you like and could create a video about.
Start with a simple how-to for example.
Make a short video, edit is a good as possible and upload it to YouTube.
Combine that with your basic Title/Thumbnail/Tag strategy and see how it performs on your channel.

As last tip would advise you to go to channels that create somewhat the same content as you, and see what is working well for them. See if you can find something that you can recreate and try to mimic them. I didn’t say copy, that would be something for another blog post 🙂

As always, keep creating awesome music and share it with the world!

Maurice Hissink

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