Interview with Kai Eckhardt – A Journey in Music

In this interview with bassist Kai Eckhardt, known for his bass work with musicians such as John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham and Trilok Gurtu (just to name a few) He also created a couple of solo albums like Zeitgeist, and bass guitar lessons like Atomic Bass: Reactive Intervals on Truefire. Here you can read his awesome … Read more

Interview with Ariane Cap – A Journey in Music

These days it is incredibly hard to focus on anything because there is so much noise. Work on something with dedication for three months, then evaluate: are you getting the results you are after? If yes, keep going; if not, tweak until you do. – Ariane Cap, Bass Instructor In this awesome interview with bass … Read more

Interview with Asher Laub – A Journey in Music

While the industry is still really competitive, it’s exciting to see how many folks are able to earn a living with their passion. – Asher Laub In this Journey in Music with Asher Laub, you see how a unique combination of break-dance and violin makes for a great entertaining musical performance.Here is how gymnastics and … Read more

Interview Bouncing Betty

Interview with Bouncing Betty – A Journey in Music

Be yourself and express yourself through your music. Learn an instrument and try to understand music through that instrument. It´s all worth it! How would you introduce yourself?Hi, we are Bouncing Betty 😉What made you start in making music?We all make music since we´re kids. All of us are raised with the vintage Sounds of … Read more

Interview with Viviana Dragani – A Journey in Music

Be amazed by the multi-talented Viviana Dragani. Singing, dancing, and cabaret are just a couple of the many talents she will share with us… Sit back and enjoy this great journey in music: How would you introduce yourself? I am an eclectic artist. I have a versatile voice with a multi-octave extension. I can easily … Read more