Discovery Call Zoom Setup

To get the most out of our 1 on 1 coaching call, we need to make sure that our connection is setup in the best way.
The software I like to use is called Zoom.
Usually it will download itself after clicking on our scheduled zoom link, but you can prepare yourself by installing it first.
It is free to use and you can download it here:

Audio and Video settingsAfter installing Zoom, you can start it once to see if it detects your camera and microphone.
Click on "Allow Access" or something in those terms (depending on your Operating System).
Then, click the "New Meeting" button to start your first Zoom Call!
(Don't worry, no one will see it unless you share the meeting link :-)

Double check!
Once you have everything setup, double check before your first call.
Close all applications that are unneeded.
That way, Zoom will run more smoothly.
A good practice can be to restart your computer before you hop on a call!
That is all you need to do!

Talk soon!
Maurice from Music-Mindset