YouTube Musicians - Bouncing Betty

YouTube Musicians - Bouncing Betty

Be yourself and express yourself through your music. Learn an instrument and try to understand music through that instrument. It´s all worth it!

Bouncing Betty can be found on YouTube below. They have a great collection of studio and live videos of their songs.

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How would you introduce yourself?

Hi, we are Bouncing Betty ;-)

What made you start in making music?

We all make music since we´re kids. All of us are raised with the vintage Sounds of Rock´n´Roll like Led Zeppelin, Kiss or Black Sabbath. Rock music was always a necessary part of our lives.So...If you love music that much, you´ll always come to the point to create your own music.

You make different styles of music, what is your favourite?

Rock music – pure clear, high energy Rock music


interview bouncing betty


What is your latest music project?

Yeah – that's Bouncing Betty

What are some great achievements that you had in music in the last years?

We played some Festivals in and outside of Germany as well as we released our first EP, called “Pull the plug” in Sep 2018. All of our energy and inspiration for making music we put in this 3 Songs and try to bring back the Spirit of Rock´n´Roll back to the people.

How important are connections in music and how do you find them?

Connections are always important whatever you do. In the music biz, It´s necessary to create a basic stock of fans or to get started. But in the end, it´s just about the afford you put in your music, to develop yourself and stay in touch with fans and promoters. You can have as many connections as you want if you suck, no one's gonna respect you and your music.

What do you think is most important in being a successful musician/band?

It´s necessary to understand that making music is not about getting successful. Economical Success is a gift that you take if you put a lot of sweat and blood in what you do but first of all making music is just about making music. If you love music you´ll do it whether you´re successful or not.

What is your opinion of the music market these days?

Society is being quicker and more inconstant than ever before. Songs that were famous a half year ago could tomorrow be old stock – Why? Cause Internet is makin´ life unpredictably fast.

Due to that point no one´s gonna buy CD´s or LP´s anymore – People listen to their favorite song on Spotify and then you skip to the next one or another band. The sad thing about that is people don´t take the time anymore to listen to a whole album. Bands who set up an Album do that in a certain way and with lots of passion. They create an album by thinkin´ about the dynamics of their music and set up songs in a certain way to create an adventure for the listener´s ear. People won´t recognize that if they just listen to their 2 or 3 favorite tracks on Spotify and then turn off the Mac or PC. They don´t feel the energy, that the band put in the album. In the consequence, bands stop being energetic and just try to release one hit after the other to not getting lost in this huge wave of musicians. The other thing is, that it is so easy and cheap to produce your own tracks nowadays. When we grew up, you bought your first guitar with all the money you had and then you practiced until your fingers were bleeding. Today I buy a PC, start my DAW, load a plugin in and 5 hours later I can have a full track including all beats. Simple, huh?! Yeah, that´s the point. Every monkey could do that if you told him how to. Try to learn the drums in 5 hours...for sure, you´ll fail.

How does a typical day in your life look like?

Waking up – do stuff – Go to sleep ;-) :-D

What advice would you give other musicians and bands that are just starting out?

Be yourself and express yourself through your music. Learn an instrument and try to understand music through that instrument. It´s all worth it!

Where can people find you, and why should they connect with you?





Everywhere you look on social media – there´s aaaalways Bouncing Betty


interview bouncing betty


Thanks, Bouncing Betty, for your great interview!

Maurice from

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