Get your music on Spotify for free, in 4 simple steps.

Sell your music on Spotify for free (Note: even if this article is focused on Spotify, it also works for iTunes and other online streaming music stores.) If you haven’t already, you should put your music on Spotify and iTunes.You need a digital music distributor to do so.There are many digital music distributors, but in … Read more

Why I started ‘Music-Mindset’

Why I created Being a musician is great. Creating that beautiful melody that is floating around in your head, and finally forming a super song out of it. Sharing that in video form on YouTube is even better.The whole process of mastering your instrument, finding your tone, recording it the best way possible, it … Read more

YouTube Musicians – Interview with Kai Eckhardt

In this interview with bassist Kai Eckhardt, known for his bass work with musicians such as John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham and Trilok Gurtu (just to name a few) He also created a couple of solo albums like Zeitgeist, and bass guitar lessons like the Atomic Bass: Reactive Intervals on Truefire. Here you can read his … Read more

How to write your Best Artist Biography

An artist bio is a must for every musician. Whether you want to use it on your website or to promote your band/self to music labels, it should be awesome.To make sure your artist bio is packed with great but useful information, you should take a couple of necessary steps.So, let’s create a great artist … Read more

Sync License your YouTube Music (and make more money)

Guest post by Yasmine M, founder of Sweet Madness (Editors note, if you want to know more about Sync Licensing your YouTube covers or your YouTube music, check out this tutorial on How to Sync your YouTube Music) Hi creative souls! I’m Yasmine, creator of Sweet Madness, creative director & communication/branding consultant for music artists.Maurice … Read more

YouTube Musicians – Ariane Cap Interview

These days it is incredibly hard to focus on anything because there is so much noise. Work on something with dedication for three months, then evaluate: are you getting the results you are after? If yes, keep going; if not, tweak until you do. – Ariane Cap, Bass Instructor In this awesome interview with YouTube … Read more