How to write your Best Artist Biography

An artist bio is a must for every musician. Whether you want to use it on your website or to promote your band/self to music labels, it should be awesome.To make sure your artist bio is packed with great but useful information, you should take a couple of necessary steps.So, let’s create a great artist … Read more


Sync License your YouTube Music (and make more money)

Guest post by Yasmine M, founder of Sweet Madness (Editors note, if you want to know more about Sync Licensing your YouTube covers or your YouTube music, check out this tutorial on How to Sync your YouTube Music) Hi creative souls! I’m Yasmine, creator of Sweet Madness, creative director & communication/branding consultant for music artists.Maurice … Read more

YouTube Musicians – Ariane Cap Interview

These days it is incredibly hard to focus on anything because there is so much noise. Work on something with dedication for three months, then evaluate: are you getting the results you are after? If yes, keep going; if not, tweak until you do. – Ariane Cap, Bass Instructor In this awesome interview with YouTube … Read more

YouTube Musicians – Interview with Asher Laub

While the industry is still really competitive, it’s exciting to see how many folks are able to earn a living with their passion. – Asher Laub Asher Laub on YouTube: His YouTube channel has tons of content, ranging from covers to original music.Check it out below: In this Journey in Music with Asher Laub, you … Read more

YouTube Musicians – Interview with Bouncing Betty

Be yourself and express yourself through your music. Learn an instrument and try to understand music through that instrument. It´s all worth it! Bouncing Betty can be found on YouTube below. They have a great collection of studio and live videos of their songs.Check them out here and don’t forget to subscribe: How would you … Read more

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