10 YouTube Content Ideas for Musicians

You are not limited to uploading only music videos on YouTube.As a musician, you will have more to share than only your songs and latest album. By doing so, you increase your channel to be found on YouTube AND on Google! If you use topics that are often searched by fellow musicians and possible fans, … Read more

Setup your website on Siteground

After you have decided you need a good webpage for your music, you need a good hosting provider.I recommend Siteground for this, as it is a high quality and cheap provider with very good reviews. Creating an account at Siteground pretty easy.Below are the steps to create your account at Siteground Hosting.After this setup, you … Read more

How to start a Youtube channel (as a musician)

Getting your music on Youtube is an essential step in your online music marketing plan. It’s a perfect way to start connecting with your audience, get your music out there and see what works and what doesn’t. Setting up a Youtube channel is a straightforward process, so you will probably be done within 15 minutes. … Read more

Get your music on Spotify for free, in 4 simple steps.

Sell your music on Spotify for free (Note: even if this article is focused on Spotify, it also works for iTunes and other online streaming music stores.) If you haven’t already, you should put your music on Spotify and iTunes.You need a digital music distributor to do so.There are many digital music distributors, but in … Read more