How to add an audio file to my WhatsApp status

First things first: HOW to add an audio file to your WhatsApp status update.

Because WhatsApp only allows you to add a video as a WhatsApp status update, you will have to create a video from your audio file.

Step 1: choose an image and a sound clip from your latest song or demo (no longer than 30 seconds) on your phone.
Step 2: download Adobe Clip for iPhone or android below:

adobe premier clip
adobe premier clip


You have to create a FREE Adobe Account, but that is ok, because you might want to use it for more cool clips, and because it is awesome!
Step 3: Add the image to your first clip. If it is too short (Adobe Clip will add a photo for 10 seconds each) copy and paste 3 of the same images after each other.
Step 4: Click on the music icon on top of the app and add your music file. Make sure that it is around 30 seconds max or WhatsApp will trim your audio to 30 seconds anyway.
Step 5: Click share and download to your device.

You have now successfully created a WhatsApp Audio Status update!

With this update, you can share your latest song or demo with your friends and family.
Remember that you have to create a new WhatsApp status update every 24 hours. Be creative with it and change the song or the video image to match your latest update.

WHY is it useful for musicians to update your WhatsApp Status Update with an audio file?

Because it is fun, yes, that is one reason, but it can also benefit you as an artist.
If you add a snippet of your latest song as an audio file in your WhatsApp status, then it will be the first thing people see as a status update.
Because you are uploading a video, why not create a lovely looking image with some excellent extras. Add your latest song details or tour dates, album covers or download links.
You could use online software like Pixlr to create a beautiful looking image.
Then you can insert them into Adobe Clip, post your song in your WhatsApp status and BOOM, you’re done.

Refresh often

Because your WhatsApp status only lasts for 24 hours, you can use this as a chance to preview multiple songs to your friends and relatives.
It is also great that you can check how often your WhatsApp audio file is “watched.” This might give you some impressive stats on the side.
Repeat the songs that do well, and remove the ones that get no plays.
You can even ask for feedback from all of your friends on WhatsApp and get useful reviews.
If you want to read about more free online music promotion tips, check out the 5 ways to promote your music online blog post here.
That is it 😉

If you want to create your own music for your video, improve your guitar skills with these awesome music lessons!

As always, keep making awesome music and share it with the world! (using WhatsApp 🙂

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