About Me

Before I introduce myself, I want to talk about YOU.
Yes, You, the awesome musician who wants to grow their fanbase online.
Because your music is important to you, you want to treat it the best way possible. You spend a lot of time composing, mixing, mastering and all that good stuff.
When your album is finally done, you want people to enjoy it too!

Amongst many marketing opportunities, online marketing is a big player in today’s time.
Having a solid Online Music Promotion Strategy will help you to find the right audience and get more album sales.

The options in online marketing are endless.
By using YouTube as one of your main “fan-generators”, you can create a platform that represents you and your work as an artist to your new fans.
This will help you to establish a great overview of you as an artist and your creative capabilities.
With music lessons, behind the scenes, interviews, tutorials and more, you can build a content library that will attract the right fans to your music.
This is what your music deserves afterall.

To put it short:
Your Music needs to be heard by the world!

How can i help?

I started making music and working online from the early 90’s.
Things were very different then.
No Google, no YouTube, lots of new services trying out what works and what not.
It was the time of ugly websites, Napster, IRQ and a lot of figuring out how the internet worked.

I have come across various methods of music distribution.
Until February 2005, when YouTube started.
Initially a platform for user videos, it gradually started to be used by a large variety of creators and artists.
Some artists that I liked back then were Joe Penna, a.k.a. the MysteryGuitarMan.
He created stop motion music videos of a quality that was (and is) impressive to say the least.
I was intrigued by his creative skills and saw his channel grow to thousands of followers within a couple of months.

In the years that followed, I emerged myself in online marketing and online music opportunities. I saw the rise and fall of many new services, but YouTube stayed consistent in their quality content. Created by users, for users.

Fast forward to 2015, I took the step to help musicians grow their fanbase online. Again, I tried to see what worked at that time, and noticed a couple of great opportunities for musicians.
By using content marketing strategies combined with personal branding, you can build up a fanbase of people that like your content and also like you as an artist.

Let me help YOU to find the best YouTube Content Strategy to help you find your best audience and make your music career sustainable.

Your music is worth it!

Maurice Hissink,

Youtube Certified Social Media Consultant and Content Strategist for Musicians.

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