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5 Ways To Fix A Guitar Pedal/StompBox2 min read

5 ways to fix your stomp box

Your Metal is not in the Zone…

Awful joke, but what if your metal sound is not what you expect from it.
And I do not mean the quality of the pedal.
It is that moment when your pedal doesn’t want to produce the sound that it was made for.
Even worse, if this happens on stage, you have to air guitar your way out of there.

Save money

After you have to spend a fair amount of money on your effects board or stomp boxes, you want it to work the way it was designed.
To make your guitar solos sound awesome and to provide that solid wall of guitars for your band.
But this is not always the case and sometimes a pedal can become defective.
Depending on the pedal, this could mean getting a refund, throw it in the trash, or even better…

Fix your stompbox yourself!

Yes, that is totally possible and I would even recommend you doing so if you want to learn how a pedal works and how you can make it better.
This can save you a lot of money if you are lucky.
There is always the possibility to have some serious damage on your stompbox. In such case, you are probably better off sending it back to the factory.
But a lot of times it is just a loose contact, switch that is dirty or a broken cap.
If you know what to look for, and if you are good with a soldering iron, you can call yourself lucky!
You could fix your stompbox in no time.

Let’s get the iron hot and start soldering!

The blog post below from reverb.com will help you with just that, the 5 common problems with stompbox/guitar pedals and how to fix them.
Enjoy reading and happy DIYing. (Don’t burn your fingers, you’ll need them…)

You know that bad dream, where you show up on the day of the big test and realize that it’s about something you’ve never even heard of? Well, guitarists have a similar phobia: You step on a pedal, but instead of boosted gain or lush delay trails, you’re treated […]

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  1. I am in luthier job from one month. Well I have done only few repairing like the installation of guitar parts, guitar tuner buttons, guitar strings, tailpieces. I have not fixed guitar pedal. Now I have a client who wants the pedal to be repaired. So I was looking for the tips for repairing job. This is my own guitar repair shop, no one to guide. Thanks to you.

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